Repair of trailers

A repair of trailers is a must during exploitation and hauls. The deformation of axes occurs over time and metal weakens. Our professional team is able to eliminate any defects in short time.

We have advanced equipment, innovative technology and spare parts from famous manufacturers. The masters monitor the entire process, follow safety regulations and norms. Before starting work our team inspects machine and conducts diagnostics. Then the price is agreed contractually and finally we do repair of the trucks.

The range of services for repair of trailers includes recovery of braking system for its further normal functioning. Our team makes protection for tank with fuel, recovers the emergency frame and suspension. A special attention should be paid for check of electrical equipment and its correction. Transportation of cargo will be successful if all the equipment mentioned above is in a completely working state.

Complex repair of trailers

During inspection of an axial block we upgrade some parts, i.e. bushes, joints, hub, different elements for mounting screws. We set twin or structed axis. If there is a damage to the beams, our experts do repair immediately. Also our team reinforces axles for transportation of oversized and heavy cargo.

As a result after a high-quality repair, the customer receives the entirely fixed trailer. Agility and capacity of transport significantly increase. The load is evenly distributed over the total area of the machine.

You can also order spare parts for trucks. Sales of spare parts is possible without carrying out of repairs. Use proffesional help and we will do everything at the highest level.

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