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International shipping

Omega company which majors in international transport of freight is ready to offer its clients carriage of oversized or bulky cargo, assorted lading, repair of trucks and semitrailers.

Repair of trucks

Our company majors in international trucking on routes Belarus — Europe, Europe - Belarus, Russia — Europe, Europe - Russia, within Europe and from Europe. We also do a high-quality repair of haulers and semitrailers...

Sales of auto parts

Omega company is not only a customs carrier but also a specialised store where we sale car spare parts. We have professional consultants. The service is fast and our company is targeted at the result...

Transportation of oversized cargo

Transportation of oversized cargo, as well as non-standard and bulky one, is impossible to do with a conventional vehicle. In this situation a number of questions appear which should be solved before the start of transportation...


Repair of truck trailers

Omega company is widely popular. We have a lot of trips to European countries with the aim of international cargo transportation on our account...

Rent of telescopic wheel loader

In most cases for cargo handling a special equipment is required. Telescoping wheel loader is a perfect match for this kind of work because it has unique technical peculiarities...

Transportation of cargo

Transportation of cargo is quite a popular service nowadays. And it is no surprising since it is quite economical, reliable, safe and quick. Omega company aims at making international transport a comfortable process in order to deliver the cargo on time and to make the road easy...


Repair of trailers

A repair of trailers is a must during exploitation and hauls. The deformation of axes occurs over time and metal weakens. Our professional team is able to eliminate any defects in short time...


Forwarding is a service provided by Omega company. We have a vast experience in international transport, always take into account all the requirements and wishes of our clients.It also should be admitted that we select the best options for transportation and further delivery...

International cargo is not a luxury nowadays. In fact it is a necessary procedure, designed for convenient transportation of any cargo. It goes without saying that help of a reliable customs carrier will be quite useful in this case. Qualified experts will solve all the necessary questions devoted to the delivery, packaging, documentation.

There is a fleet of trucks designed to travel on long hauls. Machines for the transportation of oversized and bulky cargo are thoroughly checked before each transportation and can withstand even the most arduous part of the road

Professionalism of the company

If there is an urgent necessity for you to bring goods across the border, we draw up a contract, which is signed by both parties (the customer and the trucking company). Hence transportation of cargo will be as safe as possible. In this case forwarding company takes all the responsibility for the safety of things.

International cargo transportation on such routes as Belarus – Europe, Europe - Belarus, Russia – Europe, Europe - Russia, within Europe and from Europe ensures reliability, security of cargo, which is always under control. Delivery is carried out by the professional driver. The employee will bring the freight into the hands of the recipient in a short term.

Additional services

As a rule the cost of these services can be different. It depends on the country or the city where you deliver. For example, there are special requirements on trucking in Europe to the quality of gasoline used in transport, which slightly raises the price of forwarding. In spite of this fact these services are a real opportunity to carry any freight quickly and advantageously.

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