Repair of trucks

Repair of truck trailers

Repair trucks semitrailers

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Omega company majors in rendering of package of services connected with international traffic. Besides customs carrier is known as a freight car service. It can do any work related to auto repair, technical services and also conducts diagnostics.

The professional team carries out repair of trucks, semitrailers. A high qualification level lets solve the most difficult tasks taking into account clients’ requirements. All the necessary equipment is available – proprietary instruments, modern custom vehicles, utility. We have a lot of means to offer long­term mutually beneficial collaboration to every single interested person

Repair of trucks

Before we start repair of cargo trailers, we agree on due date and final cost.Then both parties sign a contract. The masters will be able to help in the repair of engine, change gear, running gear, gear system, hydraulics.

Apart from that we sell spare car parts and carry out welding, mechanical and lath work. We use modern inventions in this sphere and innovation technique.We have only high­quality spare car parts at our disposal.

If you choose our company you can count on knowledgeable assistance of our employees. Our consultant will show you our rates though final price will be set only after auto’s diagnostics and its inspection. Repair of trucks is carried out strictly on schedule and the client receives guarantee on executed work. We provide our customers with reliability, security and highest quality.

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