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Transportation of cargo

Transportation of cargo is quite a popular service nowadays. And it is no surprising since it is quite economical, reliable, safe and quick. Omega company aims at making international transport a comfortable process in order to deliver the cargo on time and to make the road easy.

Assorted lading implies transportation of several batches of goods, which belong to different owners. In this case the customs carrier selects the optimal transportation, forms convenient route by which the cargo is delivered. It saves sender’s money significantly.

Advantages of shipping company

We provide reliability and high level of quality in trucking process on routes Europe - Belarus, Europe - Belarus, Russia – Europe, Europe - Russia, within Europe and from Europe. Cargo is monitored at all stages of movement. It is necessary to consider many factors in order to deliver cargo on time and to carry out important operations before loading.

International trucking on routes Belarus – Europe, Europe - Belarus, Russia – Europe, Europe - Russia, within Europe and from Europe requires a huge responsibility. Professionals thoroughly plan a trip, consider all the options, choose the best solution in order to achieve the highest quality of service.

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