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Transportation of bulky and oversized cargo

Transportation of oversized cargo, as well as non-standard and bulky one, is impossible to do with a conventional vehicle. In this situation a number of questions appear which should be solved before the start of transportation.

First of all customs carrier examines in detail the type of cargo and selects the vehicle. There are basic needs for rolling stock. It is necessary to take into account such factors as bandwidth, determine if there is a limit for transport networks, whether the cargo is safe.

Special attention is paid to the road surface during transportation, if there are railway bridges on the road, power lines, crossings, gateways. The time of year, weather, time of day are of a particular importance. Hence we make a clear route, from which depends the duration of the trucking on routes Europe - Belarus, Belarus — Europe, Russia — Europe, Europe - Russia, within Europe and from Europe.

Peculiarities of transport of oversized cargo

The professional team of our company carries out international trucking on routes Belarus — Europe, Europe - Belarus, Russia — Europe, Europe - Russia, Europe and from Europe on the highest level. We will take into account features of the cargo, make the best route to deliver freight to the destination and deliver it on time. Location of cargo is monitored while the client is informed in detail about all stages of cargo transportation.

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