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International transport of goods

Omega company which majors in international transport of freight is ready to offer its clients carriage of oversized or bulky cargo, assorted lading, repair of trucks and semitrailers.

International transport of goods is not just a process of freight traffic on a particular route from one country to another. It is necessary to take into consideration a lot of factors, insignificant details, in order to prepare to any turns. We carefully choose transport means, develop insurance scheme, draw up all the necessary documents.

In order to provide successful traffic of goods, the customs carrier has a large fleet with high-quality trucks. They are aimed at hauls which are carried out even in quite cruel conditions. Operational experience of the employees is not less than 20 years. Freight traffic is carried out in such European countries as Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Holland, the Baltic states and many other countries.


Efficiency, safety and reliability

Our company provides a full range of logistics services. We can help you create the most suitable solutions for establishing foreign business economics. There are no impossible things for us. Professional forwarding can ensure the success of your company. Our employees monitor cargo transportation all the time. Driver’s cab has a computer, GPS navigation, mobile communications which facilitates tracking of cargo location.

International cargo transportation on such routes as Belarus – Europe, Europe - Belarus, Russia – Europe, Europe - Russia, within Europe and from Europe represents a clear scheme which is constantly in the process of improvement and it is also adjusted in correspondence with a particular situation. If you choose us, we will guarantee you a cargo delivery on time right into the hands of the recipient.

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