Forwarding is a service provided by Omega company. We have a vast experience in international transport, always take into account all the requirements and wishes of our clients.It also should be admitted that we select the best options for transportation and further delivery.
International trucking on routes Belarus - Europe, Europe - Belarus, Russia - Europe, Europe - Russia, within Europe and from Europe imply freight escort from the moment when the cargo is received at the warehouse to the moment of its transportation and delivery to the recipient. The driver also functions as a freight forwarder. He has a right to draw up the documentation on transportation of oversized cargo.

Transport freight forwarding

Such a freight includes some mandatory points. First we search for a suitable truck. The size of the cargo can be different therefore we select the appropriate truck. Then we design the route in detail. At the conclusion we form and review an important documentation in order to exclude any problems during cargo transportation across the border.

Professional transportation of cargoes will help the client easily send the freight by shifting all the problems to the carrier. We would like to admit that there are a lot of schemes which make forwarding successful. Our company has an individual approach to every single client. The organization doesn’t stand still and and constantly evolves in this area.

Experienced professionals with an experience of more than 20 years know all the peculiarities of the work. Drivers are equipped with all the modern means of communication, i.e. navigators, high-quality vehicles for freight control at different stages. Customs carrier saves time and money. We guarantee you reliability, safety and confidence in the future.

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