Omega сompany is a popular customs carrier which has the appropriate license. This license lets carry out international trucking on routes Belarus – Europe, Europe – Belarus, Russia – Europe, Europe – Russia, within Europe and from Europe. We can say with certainty that for a long history of our company we proved that we can guarantee safety, efficiency and reliability of freight. Our main areas of activity are Germany, Poland, the Baltic countries, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and other countries.

Customs carrier can carry out the transport of goods which are under customs control. The company follows all the rules of internal customs transit. Apart from that it is possible to prepare any necessary documentation.

The best transport company

The license guarantees to all interested customers and partners that transportation is carried out without any risk of non-compliance to legislation. Our responsibility is to keep cargo in safety. Due to the fact that our transport is in a good technical condition we make cargo carriage successful. Modern trucks are equipped with all the modern technology, there is a mobile communication and navigation system which helps monitor cargo at any time.

Before you contact our organization and order the transportation of assorted lading, you should contact the manager to determine the details of your application. Then both the parties will sign a contract.

Apart from that you can rent a telescopic handler for comfortable loading and unloading. There are no impossible situations for us, we provide our services at the highest level. Specialists do their best to ensure timely and easy cargo deliver to the destination.