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ООО “Omega” is a leading freight forwarding company. Customs carrier has a working experience over 20 years and belongs to the association of International Road Carriers "BAMAP". We employ only professionals who are ready to solve even very complex tasks.

Our automotive equipment is in a good condition. The trucks are equipped with mobile communication and navigation system, which makes it possible to track the cargo. The transport is always checked for technical defects before sending the cargo. Transportation of freight, transportation of oversized and bulky cargo is verified and carried out exactly on time.

We would like to point out some more additional advantages of our company:

- possibility to track international cargo;

- detailed consultation on client’s matters of concern;

- customs clearance;

- preparation of necessary documentation;

- cargo insurance;

- speed of delivery;

- convenient ways and terms of payment of the order.

Advantages of the company, quality service

The qualified personnel use an individual approach to each customer, consider all clients’ requirements and wishes. Forwarding is performed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Belarus. We are responsible for the cargo and deliver it into the hands of the recipient. Hence the cost of the services is affordable in comparison with other similar organizations.

Except we offer international trucking on routes Belarus - Europe, Europe - Belarus, Russia - Europe, Europe - Russia, within Europe and from Europe. Our company sales spare car parts, conduct repair and diagnostics of trailers, semi-trailers, haulers. We guarantee reliability, safety and high quality. You can count on our professionalism and impeccable reputation.

We will be glad to see you in our office in Pinsk:
Belarus, Pinsk, ave. ZHOLTOVSKOGO 103