Specifications and description


Specifications and description


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Our technique for transportation of goods

Our company thorougly monitors the fleet in order to make carriage of goods, transportation of oversized, bulky and assorted lading successful. We have powerful haulers from leading manufacturers and modern semitrailers at our disposal.

All the vehicles are perfectly designed for long hauls. Machines have excellent technical characteristics and effective transmission. High-efficiency engines are equipped with the latest technologies which let them save fuel. It is also possible to choose the configuration of hauler's axle in order to make vehicle fit to some particular purpose.

Modern trucks

International trucking on routes Belarus — Europe, Europe - Belarus, Russia — Europe, Europe — Russia, within Europe and from Europe imply that all the trucks have a GPS navigator. There is also an operational communication with the driver to control the location of the cargo. We prefer the following trucks' brands: DAF XF 105, SCANIA R480. These models are improved, have convenient and safe control. Forwarding passes easily with these trucks.

We would like to mention such trucks as Faymonville Multi-N-4L-A and Max 100-N-4A-9.30 with a load capacity 47350 kg which are manufactured by German company Schmitz SCS. International cargo which uses such a reliable transport provides comfort during the haul. Semitrailers are considered an example of the highest European quality. These trucks are sustainable and multi-functional.

Cargo delivery takes place at the level of first-class since cars have a broad functionality, usability, high performance what helps seamlessly deliver the freight to the destination.

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